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New Update?!?!

Were you wondering if this place was dead?  It’s not!  I have content but I just haven’t brought it here yet.  I’m getting back into live event photography so that means MORE pics for this site and other projects I have going on.  Brandon and I were at Money in The Bank last year and Raw not too long ago.  We’ll be back at Raw again on July 4th!  How cool is that!  Will be posting pics from those events and if I have time to, I’ll write a rundown of July 4th Raw when we get there.  Also more wrestling biography reviews!  Love doing those!

On the efedding front I have a few blogs I’m thinking about writing about plugins to use on wordpress and other general things.

On the website front, I know this place needs fixed and an overhaul.  I’ll get to work on that ASAP as in.. as soon as I find a theme I like.  🙂

For now though, I thought I’d just leave an update!  I hope you all are doing well!