Can Kane Be Rebuilt?

Photo Credit:  WWE


When Stephanie McMahon screamed “What happened to the Devil’s favorite Demon” at Kane, my first thought was that I’ve been wondering that for ages.

Kane was supposed to be Undertaker’s badass brother.   Together, they are the Brothers of Destruction and we all remember YEARS of them destroying everyone just left and right. Now I get it, Taker is up there in years although the few times we’ve seen him wrestle, I stand by the fact that even now he wrestles better than over half the WWE roster. Not all of that is the roster’s fault either.

I believe the slow decline of the big red machine started when he unmasked. The whole thing with Lita? Creepy. Arguing with Daniel Bryan? Ok that was fun and from what was said, Kane enjoyed that angle with Daniel. Corporate Kane? Well that was just the foot on top of the head of a character that’s sinking in quicksand.

Then WWE finally gets the news flash! OMG we can’t use Brock normally, he broke Undertaker’s streak. Undertaker may be done or he might have a small feud with Sting ( one can only hope right? ) and then retire. Big Show has been watered down the same way Kane has. We got this big 7 foot like 500 pound guy and we’re gonna make him look like a chump! When we really need a killer monster heel!

Way to go WWE.

So they have the long task of re-building Kane. The brutal attack on Daniel Bryan was a good start but I find myself wondering if this will be enough and if they’ll be able to build Kane back up while still keeping it PG. In a way I’m hoping that it works. I would love to see REAL Kane back but part of me can’t help but wonder if they’re wanting us to suspend disbelief and act like he never did any of that goofy stuff previously. If they lean on it and let Kane use it, then this could be really awesome. He could say something like Vince made me look like a joke back when he was running the company and I thought that considering the vicious bitch you’ve been in the past, Stephanie that you would be different. I thought you could be someone I could give the mask to and you turned me into a joke too! Then you thought you could take the credit for my reign of terror?   Something like that.

I really want this to be an angle where Steph bit off more than she could chew by asking for the devil’s favorite demon. But I get the vibe it’s going to be a mastermind storyline where Steph takes credit. Maybe I don’t have faith in Triple H and Stephanie’s creative abilities anymore. The focus on the tag division is great but they’re still not using what they have effectively and they’re not helping the lower card get ready for the mid card or the mid card for the main event. A lot of the same problems exist.

Anyway, I would love to hear your comments. Please as always keep it civil. Know that this is my opinion and my opinion alone. Actually it’s not even an opinion it’s speculation. It’s a great start if they can keep it going, I just don’t have the faith that they will. I’ll catch you guys later!