Changes going on at ATW!

Okay so I’ve finally got some time to work on this place and I’ve decided on a few things.  One: I’m not doing the e-fed database.  It takes a lot of time and effort to be that in depth about e-feds.  I have to hang around a fed long enough to get a feel for it’s forum environment.  I wanted people to know whether a roster was friendly or not.  I wanted to make sure that fed was the quality I was looking for attitude wise to present to the e-wrestling community.  I don’t have that kind of time.  I wish SOMEBODY did but I’m beginning to believe that in order to do that, you’d have to have no life at all.

I’m also getting rid of the topsite list.  I don’t have the money to be throwing away on a resource that nobody uses, nobody votes on and I have to weed out 30 to 40 dead feds made by the same two people.  Get a clue! You’re not fed head material!  I’m not gonna name names but they know who they are.

The Forums are going too.  I’m going to move the GEA CD’s and Global Clash rps to the Skyfall Forums since in Storyline, GEA was bought out by Skyfall.  Then I’m shutting the forums down and not renewing.

This place did not start out wanting to be a community site.  It was a blog.  I merged it with the GEA for the same reasons I’m getting rid of stuff now.  Interest was there and now it’s not.  People wanted ATW to be a community and then they either fell off the planet or went to other places.  I’d rather help out one of those places than try to compete with them.  I never wanted to compete anyway.  So it’s going back to being what I wanted it to be.  A blog.

What will I be doing?  Wrestling Biography, DVD and blu ray reviews.  Blogs on wrestling and e-wrestling.  You can check out my other stuff over on roughkut.  I’ll be posting about it here so that my twitter will pick it up.  I’ll be doing wordpress plugin reviews and telling people about nifty stuff I’ve found.  That’s it.