Sign Pointing: A Mood Killer?

I would have written this blog right after RAW but I wanted some time to think about it.  To try and come up with some reason that this happens.  I thought of one but it’s not a very good one.

All the Wrestlemania sign pointing!

It’s been going on for years.  Some people say it started no earlier than 2004.  Some say it was started by John Cena ( Big surprise there! ).  In some cases, it’s okay.  You just won a huge qualifying match or you just got your ticket to the grandest stage of them all.  Okay go ahead and sign point.

At some points though it crosses a line.

It’s already placed in the arena where it can be in every major shot taken for Raw or SmackDown.  They do that on purpose.  It’s product placement.  Then Michael Cole, King and JBL can talk about it.  That’s classic match hyping.

We’ve seen people have heated arguments in the middle of the ring and sign point.  We’ve seen people head up the ramp and sign point.  We’ve seen people ENTER the ring for a match and sign point then do it again when they leave.

There’s a tumblr dedicated to it! Last post was Feb 15th!  There’s even a Facebook page.  CM Punk in one of his last few tweets posted a picture of the sign and hinted at the fact there might be a drinking game involved!

It’s annoying!  It’s situation killing and a perfect example of that happened on Raw this week!  The Undertaker was challenged by Brock Lesnar to show up at Raw.  WWE went all out.  Druid entrance!  They came down to the ring carrying a casket and set it down right beside the ring.  Brock kicked at it, yelled for Undertaker to come out.  He was getting more and more pissed and slightly unnerved by the moment.  It was really well played by Brock with Paul’s yells of “I don’t like this!” being picked up by the ring microphones.  Brock is pacing the ring, he kicks the casket a few more times and finally he opens it to find… NOTHING!

Which made the crowd, myself and the announcers go where the hell is the Undertaker?  I was waiting for him to be one of the druids.  He’s done that before and as I said, the WWE likes to re-use stuff.  I think the end result has been re-used too at least once.  Undertaker was in the casket and they made it look like he just appeared there.  The casket door opens and there is the Deadman.  Looking..well..dead.  Was very well done.

To make a long story short.  The Deadman and Brock had an altercation in the ring.  Brock was left looking pissed in the ring and The Undertaker was locking eyes with him as he headed up the ramp.  WWE had a GREAT opportunity here to cast more doubt on Brock’s chances in this match and spook up  Undertaker.  But what did Brock do?  He’s supposed to be pissed and locking eyes with the Undertaker, trying to show no fear.  What’s he do?  Sign point.

So let’s say that’s okay.  It’s not in my opinion, but let’s say it’s okay.  The lights could have went out, the fog machine could have gotten rolling and the lights could have resembled lightning and thunder could have rolled as the lights came back on the traditional purple of the Undertaker and he’s not on the ramp anymore.  He disappeared like he used to.  Brock and Paul could have been standing in the ring in an eerie scene with the Wrestlemania sign in the background.  Perfect product placement.  Instead, they let the Undertaker stand on the ramp and you guessed it!  Sign point!

Moment killer in my opinion.  You wanna tote the Undertaker as a paranormal phenom, you need to do it.  Not half do it.  Do it!  Remember in the old WWE games where they had him turn Santino into a zombie?  I miss THAT!

If you guys have any opinions on this, I’d love to hear it.  I’m still trying to figure out a reason why this could be acceptable.  These days Bray Wyatt disappears more than Undertaker does!