What’s going on?

Okay so a lot of people have been wondering what’s going on with this site. So I’m going to be real with you. Here is what’s seriously going on and people can laugh, cry, talk shit.. whatever it is they want to do.

ATW is just a blog. People can come here and look, they can come here and comment when I post content but this is not going to be a serious news source. It’s MY blog. I have a nice e-fed database I’m working on when I have free time, we’ve got the topsites running and I’m not charging you for them. It’s all free resources and I can guarantee you my readers aren’t the same as anywhere else.

Why? Because I mix all my passions. I cross blog reviews here with my book site. I share my opinions with wrestling fans on Facebook. I do not cater to the e-wrestling community only. I do wordpress plugin reviews and all of this I do in my FREE time.

What does free time mean? It means when I’m not working on my fed or reviewing books and advertising them. My affiliate money from The Top Shelf pays for all of this. I’m not going to let that slide just because some people EXPECT me to have content every day on a blog that’s my own personal blog.

I’ve had a lot of sickness in my family. My mom is having seizure like episodes and the doctors can’t figure out why. My dad who was an abusive alcoholic died in August and I’m still having mixed feelings about that. Yet some people on here just don’t seem to understand and act like I should be some blogging machine. Well here’s the deal. You go ahead and burn yourself out like that asshole. Leave me the fuck alone.

I think you were the fucker that went and told me to kill myself in my comments. You’re the only person I know from THAT area of Washington State. Tactless dude. Totally tactless.

So to the rest of you I say this. I’m offering this stuff. Until I get the form up for you to submit your fed, you need to get ahold of me on the forums if you want your fed added. I’ll have to look over it first. I’ll be posting reviews and content as I can but my family is and will ALWAYS come first.