Daniel Bryan / Wyatt Family Angle: My Thoughts

Photo Credit: WWE.com

I’ve been wanting to write about this since it started. Originally the name of this blog was going to be why Daniel Bryan should join the Wyatt Family. Then it happened and I couldn’t very well call this blog that now could I?

As a fan, I loved the angle build up. I loved Daniel’s defiance and how the Wyatt’s just kept beating on him, trying to get him to submit. Then there was that beautiful moment when he did. Why did I think this was an awesome idea? I’ll tell you!

I wasn’t happy with how WWE was treating Daniel. Pushing him so hardcore towards what the fans wanted, what he deserved and then taking it away from him, causing pissed off fans to demand refunds from their cable providers. Then the icing on the cake was stories going around on wrestling blogs saying that management was blaming him for their low ratings and saying he failed as a main eventer. That was complete and total crap. Daniel Bryan is so over that even while he WAS with the Wyatt Family, people were still CHEERING for him! Do they not recall why Triple H can’t be heel anymore? It’s the same damn reason and that just solidified his legend. The ONLY thing that made people hate him was his treatment of Daniel Bryan. So maybe they were getting Triple H over as a heel? I don’t know. Speculate with me in the comments. I like discussion.

So Daniel was with the Wyatts for all of what? Two WEEKS before he turned on them? That was too short of a time. I would have at least let it go for a month or so. Come on! Like he had anything better to do! They dangled the title in front of him again and took it away when John Cena came back. Give him to the Wyatts for a while! He didn’t even really have time to earn Bray Wyatt’s trust. It cast Bray as looking stupid to just blindly accept someone like that and not see the double cross coming. Let the fans have time to have it sink in that Daniel may have lost his way. Give us time to REALLY believe that this is happening, and then surprise us with the double cross. It was a poor writing judgment and have we EVER seen those lately.

Just another wasted storyline on the part of WWE. Daniel will fight with the Wyatt Family for a bit and probably get jobbed. Why? Because I believe they’re not going to let CM Punk defeat The Shield. I doubt the ego thing they have going on is gonna really dissipate The Shield. I think after The Wyatt’s defeat Daniel, they’re gonna destroy The Shield at WrestleMania. Roman Reigns is probably going to blow a gasket when Dean Ambrose costs them the match. Actually.. maybe they won’t because that’s better than any idea they’ve come up with.

What do you guys think is going to happen?