10/09/13 Mick Foley – Tales From Wrestling Past

On 10/09/13, right after that Smackdown event, Brandon and I went to see Mick Foley! I was totally stoked! Brought along my copy of Have A Nice Day for him to sign. It was the first WWE biography I ever read and it started my love of them, so it was only fitting that I brought that one and not any of his four others he’s written.

The Tales From Wrestling Past tour presents nothing new information wise if you’ve read Mick’s biographies. Still, it’s a ton of fun! You get to hear Mick talk about the biggest events of his life, make Al Snow jokes and be the hardcore legend we all know and love. He even takes questions from the audience and works them into his routine so it’s always going to be different depending on what’s asked.

Even crammed like sardines in the Funny Bone comedy club at Easton, it was still a blast. Mick talked about everything! From his deathmatch in Japan with Terry Funk to falling off the steel cage and through a table during his match with The Undertaker it’s all there. He even talks a bit about his Hall of Fame speech last year and dropping an elbow on Chris Jericho. It’s was entertaining, witty and the kind of fun only Mick can provide. He even spent quite a bit after the show signing autographs for everyone who attended and taking pictures.

If he ever comes back, I will definitely be there. Was just truly amazing! I’ve included pictures in this post. Please enjoy them and don’t steal them!