Hell in a Cell 2012 Recap / Review

The Hell in a Cell pre-show was alright.  John Cena was taking questions from the WWE Universe and WWE had angled it like we were really going to have John talk about the AJ scandal.  That didn’t really happen.  Instead we got a few general questions from fans about John himself and a Tout from Dolph Ziggler.  Cena called out Ziggler but instead got Vickie and while she distracted him talking about AJ, Dolph Ziggler attacked him from behind.  It wasn’t the hard hitting segment it should have been and I would have liked to have seen Ziggler vs. Cena as the first match of the night.

Alberto Del Rio vs. Randy Orton

Now some people believe that this shouldn’t have been the first match of the night.  They thought the Diva’s match should have been first.  I disagree because as much as I hated the Divas storyline, it had more build than this match did.  As badly put together as it was, the match itself was really great!  There was a lot of back and forth.  Randy Orton hit the RKO of the year by countering a kick.  I was waiting for Wade Barrett to show up but he didn’t.  I feel that was an opportunity missed by the WWE.  Question is though,  what are they going to do with Alberto now?  He couldn’t get it done to win a title and he couldn’t get it done against Orton.

Backstage Segment – Vickie & Paul Heyman

Vickie is still harping on about the whole AJ deal.  Says she has pictures and she’ll show us on RAW.  Who cares!?!?! Didn’t she just use her “working relationship” with Dolph Ziggler to help him attack Cena?  Nothing happens to her for it though right?  Well thank something, I’m not going to say God because Vickie was interrupted but she was interrupted by Paul Heyman.  Heyman wants the match between Punk and Ryback canceled.  Vickie says that Paul should admit that Punk is afraid.  Heyman starts acting crazy.

Team Hell No vs. Team Rhodes Scholars – WWE Tag Team Championship Match

This match was interesting to say the least.  Lots of back and forth.  Looked like it would be the first match for Team Hell No where no flukes happened.  Then Daniel Bryan tagged himself in and all hell broke loose.  Kane pulling Bryan off from a pinning predicament, Bryan going for a flying knee and totally missing Cody Rhodes but nailing Kane.  I honestly thought it was going to be the end for our beloved dysfunctional tag team right there.  Rhodes broke up the shoving match with a baseball slide and hit Bryan with a Cross Rhodes.  Kane broke up the pin and tore into both Rhodes and Sandow.  The ref calls for the bell as he’s totally lost control of the match.  Team Hell No lost by DQ.  My reaction:  *blink*  Well that was different.  Daniel Bryan and Kane argue and then Bryan storms up the ramp.  It’ll be interesting to see what happens at Raw.

Miz Segment

Josh Matthews interviews Miz and he said that doomsday might be sooner than people think.  That he’s going to save the world by beating Kingston and getting back his title.  What a great way to make Miz look like a complete loony.  Let’s have him spout some delusional stuff to tie in to a commercial for a TV show that’s coming soon.

Miz vs. Kofi Kingston – Intercontinental Championship

Miz started this match off with a few right hands and then a try for Skull Crushing Finale.  That went over sooo well but then Kofi tries for the Trouble in Paradise and it’s just like really?  This early you two?  Then the REAL wrestling match begins with some back and forth and Miz pulls off Kofi’s boot and starts targeting his leg, essentially making him a one legged man.  In the end after another set of finisher attempts, Kofi hits Miz with a Trouble in Paradise with his good leg and pins him for the win.  Afterward he is interviewed by Matt Striker and he thanks Miz for bringing out the wildcat within him.  Really?  I would have believed it if Kofi had said thanks for being an absolute prick.  I don’t think Miz really brought anything out of Kofi.  He’s seriously struggling right now and what’s that say about Kofi when he’s thanking a seriously not on his game Miz?

More Fighting Between Daniel Bryan and Kane

Little bit of back and forth between Kane and Daniel Bryan here.  Kane said Bryan was to blame because he had to break up the near pinfall and made some snide comment about vegan Halloween candy. Bryan called Kane a freak who wears a mask 365 days a year.  Basically these two are back in high school and it was amusing as hell.  Like I said, can’t wait to see Raw.

Antonio Cesaro vs. Justin Gabriel – United States Championship

So Cesaro comes out and starts speaking in German or Swiss about something and we get no translation?  Crowd was dead because they didn’t understand a word he said.  Gabriel didn’t get much of a reaction either.  This match was just meh and I feel like they just threw it on the card.  The match they put on at Raw was way better than this.

Another Paul and Vickie Segment

Vickie is once again interrupted by Paul Heyman who somehow thinks that the Hell in a Cell main event was canceled.    He was babbling on about a red eye flight to Chicago.  Vickie says the match is still on and if he has a problem with it, he knows where to go.  Yawn.

Rey Mysterio & Sin Cara vs. The Prime Time Players

This match was a really good tag match but I don’t know how much longer Sin Cara should be staying with Rey Mysterio.  He was wrestling most of this match and he got dropped on his head.  Does any up and coming wrestler need to be stuck carrying the match for their mentor?  I think it opens up the possibility of Sin Cara getting hurt very badly.

Sheamus vs. Big Show – World Heavyweight Championship Match

Why wasn’t this in the cell!?!?!?!  I think Sheamus was overselling Show.  He got very very little offence in and no defense either.  Show was tearing him up other than a few punches and the finisher attempts.  It just made for something that I didn’t really believe.  Sheamus could hold off Show better than that.  If you were looking for an absolute dominant giant, you got what you were looking for.  New World Heavyweight Champion – The Big Show

Booker T / Divas Backstage Segment

Eve is trying to talk to Booker but he tells her he needs to check on Sheamus.  Teddy comes in and tells Eve that she’s been trying to make him look bad, she attacked Kaitlyn and tonight she’s going to get what’s coming to her.  Eve says he’d like that and Zack Ryder jumps in, dressed like a witch and says they’d all like it.  He then goes on to say he’s dressed like Eve and Eve storms out.  Santino comes in dressed as Lady Gaga and he sings and dances before we see Ron Simmons come in for a “DAMN!”  Was great to see Ron again and I’m surprised that Layfield didn’t crack up at it.

Vince / Paul Segment

Punk makes his plea to Vince to call off the match tonight.  Vince asks if Punk is lacking confidence in himself or is intimidated or even scared of Ryback.  Punk denies it and Vince tells him he needs to go out and prove to everyone that CM Punk is the best in the world.  Punk looks angry but he walks away.

Eve vs. Kaitlyn vs. Layla – Divas Championship

Just as I predicted, Layla was in it for herself.  How could she not be with the title on the line?  There was no comeuppance for Eve this night and instead, she walks out with the title again.  It was a mess of a match just like a mess of an ending and now I just don’t really care.  Eve is getting too much of a push here and Kaitlyn is being buried and denied her vengeance.  The fans weren’t into it and I don’t really think this was the right way to get the crowd ready for the Hell in a Cell match.  They were dead.

Josh Matthews / Big Show Segment

Show rails on about no more 45 seconds and how he’s reach the top of the mountain.  If WWE was going back to the dominant Show, it’s kinda hard to sell that when your giant is CRYING.  He dares people to try to come take the title from him.  Says that everyone’s worst nightmare has come true..with tears in his eyes… Come on man!

CM Punk vs. Ryback – WWE Championship

This match was AWESOME! Only thing I hate was the end.  I HATE the end!   Not from a Ryback was screwed angle but from a logistics angle.  They just reprimanded the referees for being incompetent and then the ref sees fit to low blow a roster member?  Okay that’s it all that BS about not harming the referees needs to go.  It was just lame.  Punk had an opportunity to do something different.  WWE had a chance to push a talent that is clearly ready to hold the title.  Now they’re teasing a rematch that I really don’t want to see because I don’t believe for one second they’re gonna put the title on Ryback.  It’s going back to Cena in that triple threat I wanted in the first place.  Damn you WWE!  This was a whole new level of lame.

And lastly…

WHERE THE HELL WAS YOUR CASH IN DOLPH?!?!?!  He was tweeting today about how we’re all sheep if we believed he was gonna really cash it in.  Nope we’re not sheep, you’re a coward.   Keep using that briefcase as a weapon because that’s about all it’s good for in your hands.

Rating: 4