Global E-Fed Alliance joins forces with ATW!

The Global E-Fed Alliance has joined forces with ATW to bring you a interfed and a promotional powerhouse.    Soon ATW will start blogging about wrestling and doing some reviews.  By doing so, we plan on bridging the gap between e-wrestling and wrestling.  Our plans will be outlined more in the About Us section currently under construction.  The Global E-Fed Alliance will have a huge part to play in the e-wrestling portion.  We will be featuring blogs over here from members in the GEA that wish to write for us.  At the same time, we will be compiling a sort of e-fed guide built from these blogs.  We will also reference to other sites such as and prjkt 10 but we will do so in a manner that makes sure people are visiting their sites too.  After all, our largest goal is making sure that people get to where they need to be!

Just as a side note, we are always looking for affiliates and GEA is currently looking for more feds to join so that they can start talking about events, titles and getting things started.  To visit the GEA, please click on their 88 x 31 in the affiliates section off to the right.