Smackdown Review for February 22, 2013

Smackdown Review for February 22, 2013

Brandon here, bringing you guys this week’s Smackdown review. Overall, the show was not bad, not great, but OK. No match stood out as being awful, but it could have been better. Let’s discuss the important ones.

First, I should point out that Del Rio came out at the top of the show, and basically called Jack Suagger out, saying if he didn’t want to wait until Wrestlemania, that’d be cool with him. Orton came out instead, and said that Swagger had taken something from him when he rolled him up at Elimination Chamber, therefore, since Del Rio gets him at Wrestlemania, Orton deserved the match tonight. Booker T came out and made that happen, also setting up a champion versus champion match between Swagger and Wade Barrett. These would be our “main events,” though the timing of the Orton Swagger match was weird.

Damien Sandow faced Sheamus, and the only reason I call this one of the important matches is that Sheamus was coming off not one, but two losses to the shield, and was consequently, supposedly, really angry. My opinion though is that this anger didn’t show itself very well at all. Sandow’s pretty good, sure, but he’s not Sheamus level yet. I also get that they may be trying to push Sandow a little more now that he’s gone solo, just like they’re trying to push Cody a little more, but still. The match went on for a long time, which doesn’t fit because we’ve seen Sheamus beat the crap out of folks before, and Sandow did pretty well, all thinkgs considered. Sheamus still won, but the match just didn’t feel right.

Now I will give a nod to the Miz, who did have a pretty awesome match against Cody Rhodes. That shoulder’s still bothering the Miz, but he still fought, and fought hard. Matter of fact, he won. How? With the figure 4 leglock, to which Mr. Rhodes tapped almost at once. Miz is by no means my favorite wrestler, but after the slump he had last year, it is good to see him doing well again.

So Orton versus Swagger was pretty good almost the whole way through. Decent back and forth, both guys showing off their power with a few nice moves, but Orton continues to flounder, unfortunately. Some distraction from Zeb Coulter was all it took for Swagger to take advantage and get another pin over Orton. Again, decent match, but oy.

Now, the final match, Barrett versus Del Rio, stole the show. That’s a good thing considering it was the main event, but it’s important to note on a night with otherwise mediocre matches. It started off quick as befits both guys, but then it got bigger. They started hitting each other with more impactful moves, there were multiple near falls on both sides, and the end was spectacular. Barrett goes for the Bullhammer elbow, and quick as a flash, Del Rio counters that into the Cross Armbreaker. Seconds later, Barrett taps out.

That’s basically it. Nothing too major happened in terms of storylines. Everyone’s just setting up for Wrestlemania, and in Smackdown’s case, they’ve got plenty of time for shows like this. Still, I will repeat that it wasn’t bad, and Smackdown does have its superstars to watch, so we’ll see what happens next week. Keep an eye, or perhaps even both, on ATW for more.