ATW Welcomes Roughkut and UFA

ATW plans on joining forces with Wrestling Sites, Online Wrestling Federations ( E-Feds ) and E-Wrestling Resource sites to bring you the best of all things wrestling!   I would like to welcome our first two affiliates!



Since 1999, has been THE SOURCE for all things e-wrestling.  Kut reviews feds, has guest bloggers from his community and if you can’t find it on the site, you can find someone with an answer for you on the forums.  If you want to get into online wrestling or are thinking about creating your own fed, Roughkut is the place you want to start.

Also started in 1999, Ultimate Fighting Association is owned and operated by one of the most reliable fed heads I know.  As a former roster member, I can vouch for this fed staying open through anything short of a family emergency or a natural disaster 🙂