E-Fedding Manual / What is E-Fedding?

A while back, I started writing a guide to e-fedding.  It’s been posted on Skyfall for years and I was expecting to add to it in my free time.  It’s far from complete, the game is always changing and while the foundation stays the same, a lot of people are too self-centered to pass on the torch.  In my opinion, that’s why e-fedding is the way it is today.  There are a lot of things that veterans to this hobby think are common sense that new people don’t get.  Also, there’s a lack of patience in explaining these things, to the point that nobody wants to take the time to help new people out by working with them.  Instead, they see them as “another jobber to kill”.  This hobby has gone from a way to make friends and have fun to a nightmarish arena of flames, impatience and egos.  I want to change that and this is how I’m going to start.

So here’s how this is going to work, at least once a week ( when time allows ), I’m going to post a new article.  I’m also going to set up a page where this will be posted and that will be linked to not only here but the GEA as well.  If you guys would like me to blog about something, please feel free to let me know here in the comments or on the GEA forums.

What is E-fedding?

If you came across this by visiting a wrestling article on ATW, you’re probably wondering what e-fedding is.   E-fedding ( also known as e-wrestling ) is a roleplaying game.  You create your character or take on a character and you roleplay the life of a wrestler.  It’s simple and yet at the same time complex.  There are titles, “pay per views” ( some places call them super shows ) and some feds have these shows either weekly or bi-weekly ( if it’s bi-weekly, usually they have a supershow or ppv once every two months).

Still interested? Good!  In a couple days, I’ll talk about what types of feds are out there.